Tralee Parnells operate as a ‘One Club’ model and implement & adhere to all  GAA Policies & Procedures outlined in the Code of Behaviour

Working with Underage Children

The Code of Behaviour (Underage) requires that all coaches who work with children and young people must:
• Undergo vetting or police background checks
• Must attend relevant child safeguarding training as approved by our Associations
• Must obtain a minimum coaching qualification

Garda Vetting

It is a criminal offence, for a person acting on behalf of the GAA, or for the GAA as an Association to permit any person to commence working with children on behalf of the Association without that person first obtaining a vetting disclosure from the National Vetting Bureau in respect of the role for which they have been recruited. It is also a breach of GAA rule if you are working with children or vulnerable adults on behalf of the Association and have not been vetted.

Club instructions on the Garda vetting process can be found here.


All coaches/volunteers working with children under 18yrs must attend & complete the GAA Safeguarding training course.  Records of all coach/volunteer Vetting lists, Safeguarding lists and Coaching qualification certs are held by the Club. It is the responsibility of each coach/volunteer to ensure that their records for Vetting & Safeguarding are up-to-date.

Minimum Coaching Qualification

The minimum coaching qualification required by the GAA is Foundation level training.

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